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How can I delete or erase expense item shown up on SAP Concur?

I had used my corporate credit card to pay for the commutation train fee (monthly pre-paid) which I didn't need reimbursement from company later.  Therefore I see that expense record is always showing up on my SAP Concur record.  It's annoying and confusing to mix up with others for business trip expenses which I need reimbursement.  In this case, how can I delete or erase expense item shown up on SAP Concur?

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Kochi,

Depending on your Concur configuration, employees are able (or not) to delete credit card expenses.

If you can't delete it by yourself, you have two options:
1. Contact your Concur Admin and ask him/her to hide this card transaction.
2. Use the credit card transaction to create a personal expense, depending on the credit card type (IBCP, CBPC, IBIP...) you will have to refund the amount to your company or not.


Hope it helps.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Kochi the response from @NTS is spot on. Those are your two choices. Most likely your company has not enabled the ability to delete transactions. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi Kevin, thanks so much for your quick response!  Well noted.