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How can Delegate, not entitled to expense, automatically "Act as Delegate for another user..."

IMHO, for a class of delegate who is not entitled to expense, his/her account has no other benefit than as gateway to Principal. 


In hurry, I, as such delegate, after login to my account has twice 

  1. skipped step "Act as Delegate for another user..."
  2. paid attention to the user login information at the top right. 

    Color differs: black for own while bright green along with Name acting on behalf for.

Results were I mistakenly created reports under my account.

The only solution I know is to re-create these reports using the correct account.

I appreciate for more mistake-tolerant measure. Example, is it possible to automate login to act for Principal?


Kind Regards

Community Manager
Community Manager

@panes-rubrics what do you mean exactly by "is it possible to automate login to act for Principal?


Also, keep in mind that the initial intent of Concur Expense is for individual's to create and submit their own expenses. The Delegate option is an extra feature since we understand that some people's schedules (like Executives) don't always allow time for expense reporting.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Routine Member - Level 1

For delegate who:

  • use Concur only for Principal,
  • only one Principal (I assume is the case for Executives)
  • urgency and time-consuming would be how I described each of my instance of using Concur because receipts are hand over in batch close to submit window but Executive expect reimbursement ASAP. As-Is, hard copy of receipts are still necessary part of submittal adds to the workload.

Currently I have to pay attention to said problem but prefers that on login automatically re-directed to Act as delegate.




Super User
Super User

The only way for you to log in to another's specific Concur account is to use their login and password.  Otherwise, as a delegate, you need to use the drop down to acts as that person.  As Kevin said, the system is meant for each traveler to complete their own reports.

Nancy Murray