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How To Add a Drop Down Option

Hi! Our team would like to make one of our open ended questions on Concur Expense into a dropdown menu with specific choices to choose from. How can we go about adding this?

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Super User

Hi @melissathomas ,


Depending on whether the question applies to the expense report or expense entry, you have to modify either the report header form or expense entry form(s). Steps would be as below.

  1. Create list under list management with possible values
  2. Determine unused form field with data type list
  3. Depending on your form strategy either add the field to existing form or create a copy and add the field to the the copy.
  4. if you created a copy, assign the form within the policy
  5. update properties of the form field to link it to the new list that you created and add an appropriate label. Set default list value (if needed).
  6. Maintain list translation (if needed)

You should be all set to go.


Best regards,


New Member - Level 1

Thank you! it would be for the expense entry individually. How can we go about creating a list? Is this an option only administrators would have? We seem to be getting stuck on who would be the correct person in our group to ask or go about creating a list under list management.

@melissathomas your admin should be able to see List Management and create this list. However, assigning the list to a field to appear on a form is probably not something your administrators have access to as we only provide this access to those who have completed the correct training.


I suggest submitting this to SAP Concur Support so they can do it for you.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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