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How Concur can help the Intercompany accounting?

Hi All,

I am having the question regarding how the Concur transfer the Journal Entry to SAP? and would that possible create the Intercompany Journal Entry to SAP, if I have a employee A who claim the expenses in Company B, and the cost will cross charge to Company A? Thanks.

Occasional Member - Level 3


I'm no accounting expert but I'd say the answer to your question depends heavily on your specific requirements ... obviously intercompany accounting is a complex issue, even without looking at topics like compliance with different government regulations and accounting standards.

So, my short answer to your short question would be:

1.) if you have very (very!) simple requirements, it might be possible to set up a ledger in Concur that suffices your requirements.

2.) if you have simple requirements it might be possible to set up Concur, so that you have all information available in your Accounting extract (SAE file or JSON file for native SAP integration) to actually implement a proper import/posting in your SAP Accounting system.

3.) if you have realistic requirements as a multinational enterprise with employees that allocate their travel expenses for different trips on different companies' cost objects, then you probably are at the beginning of an implementation project which involves several "stake holders" (Finance department, your internal SAP IT, Concur Expense Implementation manager, Legal, Audit ... etc.) and will in the end probably have to somehow compromise on your requirements to find a somehow viable solution for all stakeholders.


In our Concur setup we let our employees enter an "alternative cost assignment object" in case their travel expenses should not go on their "default cost object". But we still post all travel expenses always to the "default" company of the employee. Then later someone from Finance pulls a Cognos report that analyzes these trips with alternative cost assignments and based on the report then does some manual reconciliation where feasible.

That was our compromise on intercompany accounting 🙂

Regards, Alex