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Hourly employees who only submit a report once or twice a year

What do you do for hourly employees that only submits an expenses report once or twice a year?  Do you make them use and remember how to navigate Concur or do you have another process? 

All insight is greatly appreciated.



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We make them use Concur and give them the training guide to help.

If they need further help we have a trained admin or HR generalist in the field help them submit the expenses.

If they did not use Concur we wouldnt have access to the reporting.

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Yes, they use Concur.

We have an FAQ for them, and have them watch the Concur videos again.

99% of the time, they go to their division/group Concur person and get the help they need.

Since Concur is super easy, I never hear from them.


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We make any and all expenses go through Concur.  We do this so that:

  1. All history of what was paid to employees is in the same location (Concur)
  2. All items paid go through the same processing & review process
  3. Any possible duplicate items are subject to duplicate audit rules, other processes (such as we use Oversight) and/or Concur Intelligence reporting

If you use SSO, then having the hourly employees remember their log-in may not be an issue  Frankly, we have someone here internally that handles employee password resets daily.  So the infrequent users can just get an email from her advising them of their user ID & password.

Hope that helps!

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We do make them use Concur.  They do have to book all their travel in Concur anyway.  However, some are computer/technology iliterate.  They will get help from someone, sometimes their supervisor, to book their travel and/or complete their reports.  It is frustrating, but, usually is lower volume.

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Hi Stacey,

I understand your concern. If someone does something only once a year, it's difficult to remember. Especially for staff that do not use computers on a regular basis. I have worked for clients who have factory workers who may need to claim something maybe once a year.

As a principle, a company should only have one expense reimbursement process and system. This means that anyone who needs to create claims must have a Concur profile. Now you have two options

1. Make training material and assistance available. This should be super easy to follow and needs to cover only the basics. Allocation, Itemization, credit card etc. need not be covered for most of these users.

2. Have someone available who can create expense reports for such users. A secretary or someone from the admin department can be made responsible. As the volume is low, it should be possible for them to do this whilst keeping their day job.

Best Regards,
SAP Concur and SAP FICO Implementation Functional Consultant
Occasional Member - Level 2

Thank you everyone who responded!  It helps to hear what others do in certain situations.  I really appreciate the feedback.

Have a wonderful week-