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Honorarium Payments

My organization is looking for a way to process honorarium payments using Expense. Is there anyone who is currently doing that? If so, do you use a specific app partner to assist with 1099 reporting?

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Because of 1099 reporting needs, we require that payments to individuals/organizations that will require 1099's be made through Accounts Payable and not Concur.

I'm sorry I don't have a method to recommend, but I thought it might be useful nonetheless for you to have another company's perspective.

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We are looking into this as well.... but are having issues with the level of sophistication of the Standard version of Concur we were sold and are looking at the Professional version.


We were told (originally) that we could send an Excel file of payments to be brought into Concur.  Not sure it can do that but that is what we were told.


My mental workaround would be that we could take the Excel file and generate an invoice to be paid by sending to the invoice email address to be picked up by the OCR and brought into Concur for approval/payment.  All Honorariums would need to be set up as a Vendor in our financial system prior to sending to Concur... this would also need to verify current address as well.


Hopefully, that makes sense.



Darryl Worth
American Society of Hematology
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Did anyone find a way?