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Hire Car - Fuel Claim


I have just registered with the new Concur expense claims tool.  

I am trying to claim back mileage from a car journey last Thursday (14/7) of which I used a Hire Car, not a personal car or company car but a Hire Car.  I'm struggling to find an option to select 'Hire Car' to be able to claim my expenses back.  It was much easier on the previous version of the tool.  If anyone could help / point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sarahcromack76 in your list of expense types to choose from, is there not a Car Hire or Rental Car expense type? That is what you should use for this type of expense reimbursement. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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