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Help with building transaction report

Is there a report in Concur I can run to get a list of transactions, by Expense Type, within a range of time and possibly set other parameters?  For instance, if I wanted to find any transactions which took place in 2023 that were: 

1) Were categorized in the "Software" Expense Type 


2) were over $500?


Thank you! 

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Hi , 


you can create any view copy from existing Reporting and use 2 filters I created for you:


[Expense].[Commonly Used Fields].[Expense Type] like '%Software%'
[Expense].[Entry Information].[Expense Amount (rpt)] > 500

Occasional Member - Level 1

Hi @e_sherman


You can use the below Standard Report:


Intelligence - Standard Reports > Expense Processing > Expense Entry Analysis

Community Manager
Community Manager

@e_sherman I'll echo the other two who have replied. You can use the Expense Entry Analysis and just choose Software in the Expense Type prompt. I don't recall if this report has a date prompt to choose a date range, but my guess is it does. 


You could also build your own report. I don't know your report building comfort level, but I can say this report would be quite straightforward to build.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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