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Help with Concur Drive

Hi all, 


so our company is going to adopt the Concur Dive app come the 1st of April, and was wondering if you could help with my questions below:


  • Does the Concur/Concur drive app have the ability to capture/record Odometer readings?  one of the new compliance requirements by the government would be for the employer to monitor the 14,000km threshold for rate eligibility.
  • Once we have set up our business hours on the concur drive app – how does the app record each trip made during those hours? E.G. if a staff member were to make three business trips on a given day.
  • After a mileage claim is transferred from the Concur drive app to an expense report, will the user have the ability to overwrite the Km’s recorded by the drive app/google map?

Please let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions on how to tackle these.