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New Member - Level 1

Help: Uber Receipts populating into Concur Expenses that don't belong

What is the best way to correct this?

I have Uber Receipts that don't belong to the Concur user that daily populates into Concur.  I have contacted Uber to see if they can Identify that Uber rider to update their email address with no success.  Is there a way to contact SAP/Consur to try to block this unknown email address.   I could just manually delete all these receipts, but I rather try to fix the situation.  The contract that my firm has with Concur does not allow me to reach out to Concur directly.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Hello - I have had the same things happen to some of ours users.     I too tried calling both Concur as well as Uber, to no avail.

What I found worked on my end was to go into the Uber app -click the menu (3 lines in the upper left-hand corner) > click 'payment' , click 'business', then set your 'expense provider' to 'none'.

This will still send the expense to Concur based on the credit card used, but will not create an additional transaction within Concur.

I hope this is what you're looking for.  Have a great day!