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Help Receiving Expense Payment after Changing Bank Details

Hi there,


I recently had an expense approved, and saw a notification saying it had been 'paid'. However, upon checking my Concur details, I realised that the bank details saved within my profile were old and no longer used. 


I have now updated my bank details to my current ones - however, I'm not sure (if the expense claim is already showing as 'paid') if it will be recognised that this payment could not have gone through as the bank details it would have tried to send it to were no longer in use.


Is there a way to check if this expense claim can be re-paid to the correct (and importantly live!) updated bank details on my profile? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@LCD48 if a payment couldn't post due to outdated bank details, the system should pick up this report and try to make a payment. If you open up this expense report you will see a Details or Report Details link. Click this link and you should see a Payment option in the drop down menu. This will show you if the posting failed or if payment was made. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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