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Have not received past 4 payments

I have not received my past 4 payments for reports from Concur. These reports are from August and October...  They all say they've been processed and sent to AP for payment, but I have not received any checks or deposits. I have a suspicion they're being sent to my old address since that's the last time I received a payment back in July. I have not received any checks since I moved to my new apartment, even though I updated my address in SAP Concur, in Workday, AND set up a forwarding address with USPS, all at the exact time of my move-out.  Who at Concur can I contact about this?

Routine Member - Level 2

This would be for your internal administrator to sort out for you.  You can check each report for the pay date under details and see when they were sent out.  We use direct deposit, so we don't have checks going out and I cannot direct you there.  However, your administrator can look up the batch files and see how it was paid and where any checks are going.  Depending on who creates the checks (your company or Concur) they may have to be cancelled and reissued if not found.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@grace_earnhart I concur with @Nancyagfa as this is something that only your company can reconcile since they have access to all the Workday records and what you have on file. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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