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Has anyone used Concur as a form of a collection tool?

We have employees which have been reimbursed incorrectly.  The company reimburses OOP (cash) expenses via ADP payroll.  They also deduct any amounts owed by the employee for "Personal Expense (do not reimburse)  via ADP payroll (if personal charges are on the CBCP card)  

For incorrect reimbursements found via auditing, the AP team wants to enter an expense report creating a transaction for the amount the employee owes to the company for the incorrect reimbursement as a negative amount using the same expense type as the original transaction.  The user would check the box "Deduct from payroll"  and hit submit.  

The thought is this would reflect in the extract and offset the journal entry for the original expense and trigger payroll to claw back the incorrect reimbursement eliminating the need to manually chase down funds and manually correct the journal entry.

I have been reading, but I can only see this has been done when adding other OOP's on the report to offset what the user owes the company... That is not what AP wants to do.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@TDMott I have run across another one of our customers who has a checkbox for expense entries that says, "I authorize (company name) to deduct my paycheck..."


So, there are companies that do this. They probably created a specific expense type as well and they did have a custom field with some pre-populated reasons why the expense was incurred as it was. 


I don't think the users entered a negative amount though. 


I would also suggest posting this question in the User Admin Group. That group has only site administrators who could provide some good insight into doing something like this. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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