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Occasional Member - Level 2

Has anyone managed to go paperless in Sweden?

If so:

- Do you require employees to keep their originals at home for a certain period of time?

- How did you determine you were able to go paperless? Was some kind of law passed that you know of, is there something in the local legislation making it clear that paperless is an option if certain requirements are met, etc.?

- Are you still able to reclaim VAT on expenses thatdon’t have their original receipts kept or archived?


Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi, just did an implementation here in Novemer 2018 that included Sweden. We investigated whether is was possible to go paperless or not in Sweden and came to the conclusion that it is not possible at this point in time due to legislative requirments for original paper receipts to be kept for three years.

We're hoping this will change soon 🙂

New Member - Level 1

Hi Renrik,

Do you know if any thing changed in the legal requirements in the meantime? 

Or is it still not possible to go to paperless in Sweden?

Thank you in advance