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Grade/Designation based policies

Need help to understand if this policy setup is supported by Concur Expense, and If so how does it work?

For example - I have employees in 2 grades, Manager and Senior Manager. Policies are defined for a calendar year. Jan to Dec. Limit for Mobile & Internet expenses for a month is 1k for Manager and 1.2k for Senior Manager.

Employee Kevin gets a promotion as per the yearly cycle in April, from Manager to Senior Manager. So accordingly his eligibility also changes from 1k, to 1.2k. So as per our policies and practices, Kevin is eligible to claim 1k per month from Jan to March, and 1.2k from April to Dec. 

Kevin has been late in submitting expenses, he has not claimed any expense for mobile & internet for the year till June. When in July he sits to claim expenses for Jan to Mar and Apr to June, will the concur system consider his eligibility as 1k for Jan to March or 1.2k as per his current eligibility in July at the time of claiming expense. His profile in july says he is a senior manager. Does concur support such a scenario in policy configuration? All our policies are monthly/yearly, and we have promotion cycle in April every year, so such a scenario is very common.


Can someone from Concur, or Concur admins handling such policies assist?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

This is pretty difficult to address.    First.  Employees should be timely submitting expenses.  Most organizations dont allow anything older than 90 days.   Second, audit rules can be setup to address the allowable amount maybe with a transaction date but this would be difficult to administer.   Third, the manager should be in control to reject the report if they try to expense more and enforce any policy on timely submission

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kevinseth91_ks off the top of my head, I don't believe there is a way for the system to know that Kevin's allowable limit used to be 1k. I believe it would only recognize what his current allowable limit is as based on his profile. 


How are you distinguishing the allowable limits in the system? In other words, how does the system know that a Manager is allowed 1k but senior manager is allowed 1.2k? Was there something configured in your SAP Concur site for this or when you say Policy do you mean written company policy? I'm asking because SAP Concur configuration does use an option called Policies. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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So the rules are configured on employee designation, Manager, Senior Manager, etc. Kevin has been assigned with designation Manager, and later promoted to Senior Manager. 

Yes, we have rules defined where eligible limits are defined based on designation of the employee. Where 1k is limit for Manager and 1.2k is for Senior Manager. So the system does know the limits. However concern is around the time of claiming the expense.

If Kevin does not claim expenses for the period when he was a manager eligible for 1k per month, and after getting promoted to Senior Manager wishes to claim for the prior period when he was a manager and also for current period when he is a senior manager. My understanding is system will not be able to differentiate the limits, and only check the limits based on his current designation rule. Is this understanding correct? If there is a way otherwise, do let me know.