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Gmail auto forward

I'm trying to auto-forward receipts from my gmail acount to (so when an uber receipt hits my mail box it's filtered anf forwarded, for instance). To allow me auto-fowarding, Gmail send an email with a verification code to, without which I can't proceed.

I hoped it would show as a receipt in my Concur, as this email was already verified in Concur - but it's not. For some reason it's being dicarted.

Is there anyway I can get this code (or a verification workaround for Gmail) do I can use this feature ?

Thanks !

Community Manager
Community Manager

@farol This sounds like an issue with Gmail and not Concur. Maybe someone else here on the Community was able to get Gmail to auto-forward. Let's see if anyone replies. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

@farol is correct: the issue is that in Gmail, before you can auto forward incoming emails to a recipient, that recipient's email address must be verified. Which is totally reasonable and to prevent spammers.


I also tried to set up "" as a forwarding address in my Gmail, and it sent a verification code to that inbox. But, a concur user like me has no access to that receipts inbox, so I cannot see the email that Gmail sent to get the verification code.


If Concur could provide users with a "virtual inbox" allowing us to see incoming mails into their "", that would solve it.