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Gift Cards

One of the biggest issues we have with our T&E program is ensuring that Gift Cards distributed to associates have the proper backup attached in Concur.


We have sites around the US and Canada that regularly use their corporate cards to purchase gift to distribute to associates.   Currently our sites purchase the cards at all sorts of different vendors (grocery stores, gas stations, etc) and the expense is not reviewed until it's submitted in Concur.  This has lead to a variety of problems, gift cards being given to customers or other third parties, a site holding an inventory of undistributed gift cards in a desk drawer, etc.   Our T&E policy requires that the cards are reported to payroll prior to the expense being submitted in Concur, this requirement is one of the items that cause most reports to be sent back.


Does anyone have recommendations of best practices related to Gift Card purchases, or a specific vendor that is used for Gift Card purchases?  Thank you for any recommendations that can be provided.




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as part of our policy we have a dollar amount threshold by which employees can get reimbursed and then we created an audit rule within Concur for whenever the Gifts/Flowers Expense type is used and the total amount expenses exceeds that amount, we display a red hard stop message with a message stating they cannot be reimbursed for gifts greater than the threshold.

Thomas Stagliano, M.I.T.
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You may fet some false positive, but we also added an audit rule that fires if the business purpose contains the following words:

  • personal
  • present
  • award
  • gift
  • giftcard
  • gift card