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Hello Everyone- We are new to Concur and coming up against a road block during set up- As I enter an expense it is stating "Alert -The transaction date is older than my company allows". Does anyone know where I can modify that entry? Please help


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Fran That setting is found under Audit Rules. If you are logged in to SAP Concur, mouse over Administration in the upper right corner. You should see some options appear. One should say Expense or Expense Admin. Select this. All of the Expense Admin options you have access to appear. Select Audit Rules. On the Audit Rules screen you will see some fields above the list of rules that you can use to filter the list. I would filter it for Is Active equals Yes. You will then see all the rules that are currently "on". This rule in particular will be there. Click on the rule, then click Modify. Select Step 2 that says Conditions. Look for the condition that has Transaction Date Older Than in it to adjust the number of days. It will say something like Not Within Today -. 


Let me know if you have any questions.


BTW...we have a group here on the Community for these types of Admin questions. The User Admin Group is all site administrators and those who deal with these types of questions/issues. If you haven't joined that group, I recommend doing so. The members in that group are very knowledgeable, very helpful and very experienced. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Kevin, I appreciate the feedback -Thank you for your time I do not have any other options under administration other than localization tool and data retention- this is odd because a few minutes ago I had more options-So who do I contact for that? Another chat room> I am thinking from very beginning this is not going to work for my company - As someone should be available to speak with you upon setting up your account- I didn't sign up to talk in a chat room all day -