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Getting Started with Concur

Hello All,

I am new this community and very soon we are going to have Concur in our organisation in order to manage all travel related expenses. So I am on this platform !!

Any suggestions on audit rules ? that you have found most helpful or wish you would have in the system .


Occasional Member - Level 1

how can I do my expense?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Selmetwaly hello there. Expenses are not done here on the SAP Concur Community, but maybe you know that already. Your question is one best answered by speaking with your direct manager. First thing you need is a profile set up for SAP Concur Expense. That is a different profile than the one you set up here on the SAP Concur Community. Do you know if you have been set up to use SAP Concur Expense? If you are not sure, work directly with your manager to find out. Once you have a profile set up and you get logged in, here is a link to our training resources that are designed for people getting started:


If you find that the screens shown in the training resources look different, try this link:


We currently have two user interfaces, so you want to go to the view the resources specific to the interface you are using. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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