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Germany-Transfer taxation of kilometres for business trips to the payroll.

Transfer taxation of kilometers for business trips to the payroll.

The mileage allowance reimbursed via the travel expense report (SAP Concur) is taxable for business trips carried out with company vehicles. Until now, this has been done manually by manually entering the corresponding amount with wage type 8R51 in IT0015, as at the time of the implementation of SAP Concur, a corresponding automatic functionality was not yet available.  As far as I know, the machine solution that now exists should now be used.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bytomagn hello there. I'm not sure I follow...are you having an issue or need help with something? Is that a message you received from someone at your company?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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KevinD Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply. We have received the request from our customer. The customer has an old interface between their ERP and Concur.

They want to switch to a new (standard) interface: and/or

and they have a specific new requirement described in English above and originally in German below:

 „Überleitung Versteuerung Kilometer für Dienstfahrten in die Abrechnung.

Die über die Reisekostenabrechnung (SAP Concur) erstattete Kilometerpauschale ist bei mit Firmenfahrzeugen durchgeführte Dienstreisen zu versteuern. Bisher erfolgt dies manuell durch händische Eingabe des entsprechenden Betrags mit der Lohnart 8R51 in IT0015, da zum Zeitpunkt der Einführung von SAP Concur eine entsprechende maschinelle Funktionalität noch nicht zur Verfügung stand.  Die nach meinem Kenntnisstand nun vorhandene maschinelle Lösung sollte nun genutzt werden.“


Maybe this requirement is automatically included in the new interface, or it has to be done additionally.


I appreciate your support in this case.

Thank you