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Germany Concur Optimal Set-up

We centrally manage concur from the U.S. and use it globally in Europe and Asia.  Germany is the most challenging given it requirements.  Has anyone implemented Concur in Germany where it is user friendly for the employee to process expense reports via the requirments?  Are company would love to speak to anyone that considers optimal use of Concur in Germany.

Thank you




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I've set Germany up in the past at my prior company with Travel Allowance.  Since then, I'm at a new company and starting from scratch. I'm trying to determine if TA is required.  Also trying to determine whether airfare has to be put on a BTA or Lodge card rather than personal cards. 


If I get answers, I'm willing to share.  Have you had any success?

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Hi, I’m new to Concur Expense outside the US. Are there any training videos available for using the Germany system?




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Hi @Hboutte


Good question! Have you looked through our Concur Traning Resources? 


Check it out:

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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some 400 customers in Germany are using Concur. German legislation is very tricky and hard to understand fpr people from outside Germany.


We have complex per diem guidelines, calculation daily allowances per calendar day per number of hours per country. If you had a free meal, it needs to be deducted from allowances. Certain values around allowances need to be part of annual income statement (payroll processing).


Concur country template is more or less covering situations correctly. Recommendation is to run detailed tests with your German unit.


Legal rules prevent any Expense application from being user friendly. For more details, feel free to send PN.

viele Grüsse/ best regards

Michael Zwickl
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Has anyone had success using Concur reporting to provide information required for Germany's 3-month rule? This is a compliance must that we haven't been able to solve with the fields available in Cognos. How are others satisfying this requirement?

@TravelAdvocate I suggest posting this in the Admin Group to see what other Admins might have come across regarding this issue. This forum is more read by end users and not those who would have experience with this issue.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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We are also having a challenge in Germany with the standard and reduced taxes on the same receipt, specifically on Hotel receipts which can have a several itemizations for hotel, personal meals, exertainment (with guests), telecom, etc and the employees would need to manually breakdown and calculate the amounts and taxes. 


Have you found a way to handle this in an efficient way and train employees, to ensure the company is able to reclaim the applicable tax amounts?


Thanks, Cynthia