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GL accounts for direct/indirect expense types

Hello, I am going through an implementation of a new concur system. (we currently have 5 different concur instances and this is to bring us all to one)


Is there any way to have a list of GL accounts available based off of the charge object?

Picture for reference: 



We are needing the system setup like this. If the cost object type equals cost center then it will pull account codes based off of it. 

Does anyone have this in their concur? Any and all thoughts about this process is greatly appreciated. 


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Hi @sarledge ,


You can add an account code hierarchy in the Accounting Structure to indicate that the cost center field will determine the GL. Then setup the ledger hierarchy for the different cost centers. You can find details instruction in below document.


I have seen multiple organizations having more than one ERP. None have GL at cost center level. The more common approach is to differentiate at company code level. This is because a GL typically represents the nature of a cost and this should not change when user chooses different cost center. I assume there is a valid reason that the chart of account is setup like it is. Possibly a technical requirement of an integration that the company has in place.


Hope this helps.


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Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

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