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Anyone out there that has turned on data retention and set records to be purged?  We are concerned about implementing this in production with no ability to test and would love to get feedback from others that have done so about how you got comfortable with it.  

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @Lisete_BSC,


This is a great question. I would be interested in hearing from your fellow SAP Business Exchange members. They often have great insights on this kind of thing. If you are wanting to ask additional questions about GDPR and SAP Concur, you are welcome to reach out to us here:




Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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I did configuration of retention policy in previous project. Unfortuantelly there is no way to activate it in test environment. Make sure that you get retention period from local legal team as they may have good reasons to keep it for a very long period of time. In our case we defined  20years for expense reports/request and 12months for sensitive data.

The purge feature is also there, but it should be used only and only when there is court decision asking to delete all data.

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in addition to setting retention periods for sensitive/non-sensitive data, receipt invoices etc; is it possible to set retention periods specific to system logs and audit logs/trails?


I couldn't find documentation specific to how you would go about doing that - if possible?