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Occasional Member - Level 2

G/L account 75100006 - is not defined in chart of accounts ELAN

Dear all,


We are getting this posting error from Concur to FI - "G/L account XXXXXXXX - is not defined in chart of accounts XXXX".


The general master data of the G/L account XXXXXXXX - is not maintained in the chart of accounts XXXX."

Strangely, we have defined this GL at Chart of Account level, Company code level and also not blocked, marked for deletion.


Could anyone please help me resolve this issue if you have faced similar problem?




Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi @subali ,


Have you checked:

  • GL created account at Chart of account level.
  • GL created account at Company level.
  • GL account not blocked.
    • At Chart of account level.
    • At Company level.

Try to simulate a posting in you ERP system using the account (If it is a SAP system try an FB01 and simulate, if it works then Concur posting should work).


Once all checked, recall and approve again the expense report.



Occasional Member - Level 2

Thank you @NTS for your valuable response.


Strange that i was able to simulate this in Quality SAP system via FB01, but even after re-triggering the FI posting interface to Concur in PRD, i get this error. Other Finance transactions related to this GL a/c is running fine without issues. 




Occasional Member - Level 3

Hi @subali 


That's quite strange, have you checked other options?

  • Gl account is not set "automatic posting only"
  • All GL accounts, in the posting, are ok (not blocked, not "automatic posting" set...)
  • If you are using a vendor account for this posting check if it's ok (not blocked, ...)
  • Check SAP tables (SKA1 and SKB1) to verify that the account is there.
  • Check if the error message is standard and not custom one, if it is check the custom validation.



Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi @NTS 


Thanks for your response. The said GL is neither blocked for posting, nor marked for deletion in SAP. It is also not set as "automatic posting" GL account. I was able to replicate this issue in lower testing environment. The GL account is working fine in case of FI posting coming from core Finance stream like AP. Still unable to find the root cause 😞