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Future Dating invoice approval submission

It would be nice for Concur to offer users the ability to submit an invoice on a future date.  It would work by allowing the person to submit an invoice on the following Monday (or any future day) instead of submitting on the same day.  I work on the weekends and usually have to add a note to submit an invoice on the following Monday, but if I had an option to "Not Submit Until XX Day" I would find this extremely help and would speed up the approval process.  It would more like submit it and forget it mentality.


Thank you 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ccarrion2021 Hello there. I've edited my original reply after looking at your company's configuration. It appears that if an invoice comes in that has a future date on it, it cannot be submitted until that date arrives. This is a rule your company has incorporated, not a requirement from SAP Concur . Your best option would be to reach out to your Finance or Accounting department and ask them about this rule. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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