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Occasional Member - Level 1

Fundamental Issue in ExpenseIT

Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering how ExpenseIt works for your company.

Apparently ExpenseIt only works when the receipt contains the last 4 digits of the user credit card. Most of the Tax Invoices do not have the last 4 digits of the credit card while the Transaction/Payment Receipts have the last 4 digits but without ABN and GST amount.

We have instructed our users that we must attach tax invoices instead of the transaction/payment receipt, but when users take pictures of the Tax Invoices via ExpenseIt, Concur creates a cash claim because ExpenseIt does not "see" the last 4 digit of the credit card on the tax invoices. If you upload the receipts (which is not a Tax Invoice) to Concur, how do you claim GST credits in your business activity statement and how does your company pass audit? If you upload Tax Invoices, ExpenseIt fails to work.

Any feedback from you would be much appreciated. I have disabled ExpenseIt for my company!




Routine Member - Level 2

We've never used it.    We've watched the parade of issues going by from companies that do use it and have not been encouraged to try it.

Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense
Occasional Member - Level 1

Thanks Sandra. Yes, we never used it before.

When SAP Concur consolidated the Concur and ExpenseIt Apps, the communication was rather poor and I missed that ONE email. Then a lot of users complained to me that they are creating cash claims all thanks to ExpenseIt.

Anyway, I have instructed Concur to shut down ExpenseIt for our company.

I strongly recommend to others not to use ExpenseIt.



Occasional Member - Level 1

Realize this is some time ago, but we were having the same issue while implementing Concur Expense.  We also had them turn off that functionality.  I'm looking for more recent updates, but can't find any.

I had submitted a case last summer and the "solution" was, we know, it will be fixed in next release.  I can't find anything saying it was fixed or the process improved. 


Did you ever turn it back on?  Is it working now for both Android and IOS?

Occasional Member - Level 3

We have the default payment type set to pending card transaction for ExpenseIt epenses but as you had stated, if the last 4 of the CC ISNT on the receipt then they come in as Cash. This is a big issue with our company as well. Because of this we have not promotted ExpenseIt until they can fix the problem.


We run a Cash report and watch this extensivly to keep from paying out to the employee.