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Frequently used there a template

I frequently drive to about 10 different places and have to submit my mileage expenses each time. Is there a way to "save" each different location so it included the miles driven, the reason, the allocation and the expense type. That way, I would be able to select the saved location and just put in the date that I drive there. I would like to just select the location and enter the date. It would save alot of time having to enter in the reason, to and from location, miles driven, etc. thanks

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Super User

I don't believe there is a template.  


But you may copy the expense report  and update  the dates and allocations.  Let's say that you have an expense report for mileage only.  The same route is repeated weekly.  Once that expense report is approved, you may copy the expense report and adjust the date and allocations (if any).  


It is not a template but it will cut on having to enter the mileage everytime.  Give it a try and let us know if it works or not for you. 



Maria Steen

Maria Steen
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dear user,


As explained already by Maria previously, I would to consider to copy a report from one of your previous one if the destination are the same, and you will need just to change the dates or remove some lines..

in case you need further explenations with instructions follow this link done by ConcurTraining.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari