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New Member - Level 1

Foreign Currency expense - BTAT requirement

Hello, I am in need of guidance how to expense a foreign currency transaction. The transaction does not involve travel, and I am receiving an exception requesting BTAT, and I can not submit the expense. Is there a way to still submit the expense.

New Member - Level 1

To remove the request for a BTAT certificate, you need to first remove the foreign country that is listed by clicking it. Then enter any city that is within your own country. Then, click "save". This should allow you to submit your expense. 

New Member - Level 1

This did not work, does anyone else have a idea

New Member - Level 1

This did not work for me either 😞  All the searching that I have done does not allow me to obtain a BTAT without travel.  Is there an instruction somewhere?  There is no help in Concur


Occasional Member - Level 1

I had a similar issue and I created a PDF that explained the issue.  I then added an "BTAT Certificate" expense to the report and attached that PDF.  The system accepted it.  Note that even if with the BTAT expense included and attached, I had to submit it, received the error again and then it went through on the second submit try.