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Fleet Cards

We are looking at the possibility of adding Fleet fuel cards to our expense system. We have Fleet vehicles that are checked in and out to employees. Currently those charges come as an emailed statement with the charges due. We would like to be able to have the charges run through concur but not sure if this is possible since there is one card per vehicle and each employee has an assigned pin number when they purchase fuel. Has anyone else done this and had success with it?

Your suggestions are most appreciated!

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@Maymie_Mc did you ever come to a resolution for this? We have the same scenerio. 

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We are getting closer. We are looking at WEX millenium platform cards. We would assign the cards to the fleet  vehicle and the employees will have a pin number for gas purchases. We would then have the assigned admin for the individuals actually code each charge when they come in on there own credit card feed. Not perfect but a start and at least they would be housed in concur. Let me know if you would like some more information and if you provide me your email I can send  you some information I have received. 



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Hi @Maymie_Mc and @cstewart,


I am glad to see you all are connecting to share insights. This is what the SAP Business Exchange is for! Did you know that we have a private messaging feature in the community as well? This could be a great space for you to dive deeper into the convo and share contact info in a closed setting. You can access this feature by clicking on the envelope in the top right of the screen. Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help.



Ashley Bragg
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Thanks Ashley. I did not know that. Very much appreciated. 

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I am interested in hearing more of about how this is working at for you. I am in Higher Education and am the project manager for our Concur project. We are trying to find if there is a way to feed the WEX fuel credit card transactions into Concur. If I understand your response you plan to do this by sending the transactions to an "administrator" who will make sure the transactions are charged to the correct department budget/funding source.


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Traci E

Arkansas State University

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