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Occasional Member - Level 3

Fiori Mobile App update



Apologies in advance if my question has been answered.  Just returning from vacation and I see that the Fiori mobile app change will be implemented on 7/31.    

I plan to send an email notification to be sure employees have installed the latest version of the Concur mobile app however, if an employee doesn't have the latest version of the app installed, will they be prompted to install on August 1 or will Concur just stop working.   Any idea?





Routine Member - Level 2

Hello Robin.  Looks like the mobile app has started to update to the new format.  No one where I am had to do anything - just one day the icon for the app changed and the new format was being installed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rmconners the update should be automatic. Users shouldn't need to do anything. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 3

Okay, thank you.   I thought that employees needed to have the latest version of the app installed in order for the update to be automatic.   Just wanted to know what would happen if they didn't have the latest version installed.    Hopefully the same.