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Finding a Project Code

When I am doing an Expense Report three charges are to go against a project and it is Project Code E-016661 and I cannot find it.  My only options are on the screen print below so help please and thank you.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Chapmanl so, the little numbers in the fields indicate that these fields are connected. Meaning, what you choose in field 1 determines what is available to choose in Field 2 and so on. Since you don't have anything selected in Field 2 Cost Center, you will not see the choices for Field 3. 


Also, the red bar in the field indicates a mandatory field. Fill out fields 1 and 2 then you should be able to find your Project code. Keep in mind, you need to choose a cost center that is related to the Project you are looking for.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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