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Financial Posting failed due to No vendor found in company code.

Hi All, Hope someone can help.

I reported an expense which relates to a project outside my country(which is reported in my concur)
It gives me error 

Posting Failed. 063(CTE_FIN_POSTING): No vendor found for Concur employee ID XXXXXX
in company code YYYY
Posting Failed. 010(CTE_FND_POSTING): Expense Report ZZZZZZZ
of system Concur could not be posted.

I noticed that my country code can not be changed while reporting an expense and the IFS project that I referred is listed in a different country than my current country.

 Can someone clarify if I can do something or need to contact someone ?





Community Manager
Community Manager

@STrivedi1 the vendor field in question is not something you can see. Your company's internal SAP Concur site admin will need to add this to your profile for you.  Tried to look up who this might be, but there were over 15 different people listed. 


I suggest you speak with your direct manager or try contacting someone in your Finance or Payroll department. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Hey Kevin, thanks for reply.


Can you share me the contact details that you found, In my case, our organization had a merger recently, so couldn't get accurate contact details from anyone at the management.


Would be great if You can share in private message if it's possible.