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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Feedback on NextGen Expense UI

Hi all,

We are excited to announce a brand new Early Adopter Care program is available, specifically designed to gather feedback from customers/end-users using NextGen Expense UI to talk to Expense product team to improve user experience.


Details can be found on the Influence portal here: NextGen UI for Expense – End User Feedback Early Adopter Care program.

(if you have not yet visited the Influence site, you will be directed to a registration form first).


Product Requirements:

  • Concur Expense (Professional or Standard)- active use for at least 6 months
  • NextGen UI for Concur Expense enabled
    • Nice to have: Configurations that have Attendees, Itemizations, Allocations, Receipts,


Once you register, Expense product team will be in touch with admins to kick off the program and will request to connect with end-users who are willing to provide feedback on the new UI.

New Member - Level 2

Agree with all of the above. New UI is TRASH. Bring the old one back!!!

Super User

I had seen this new UI as troublesome from the time they started to get companies to move over.  So much so that I waited until the forced move because I was hoping they would make improvements, but no.  I have never had so many complaints from my road warriors over the amount of excess time it takes to do a report now.  As an admin, it is even difficult for me to help them since some of the issues, like attendees not being allocated $, there is no resolution or explanation except "add a comment for your mgr".  I never saw this as an upgrade but really as a dumb-down for occasional users.  The only positive I have seen is the hotel itemizations allowing for diff nightly rates, but even that does not make up for the majors fails.

Nancy Murray
New Member - Level 3

Like so many others, I registered int his community only to give you feedback on the NextGen UI. The new UI is horribly conceived and poorly executed. We don't need a mobile app on our desktop computers. We need a service that makes expense reporting reliable.

  • Receipt images are only visible at the Expense Level? Whose bright idea was this?
  • I can't create expense reports from Available Receipts. Why? 
  • Why can't I move Available Receipts to an Open Report?
  • What do I have to do to revert to the old UI?
  • What are you doing to correct the situation and when can we expect it?

Awful doesn't even begin to describe the NextGen UI. I am now working harder and longer and my company is paying you for that privilege.



Super User

I found another omission in this new UI - the approver in the report details.  When I review a report for errors and need to email a response, I used to be able to be in the employee's report and look under details for the approver so that I could send the email with them on copy.  It's no longer an option until the report is processed and then you have to review the audit trail for the mgr to have made a change.  If the report is not submitted, then you have to leave the employee's report and go to User Admin to get to the mgr.  This is more disruptive and time consuming to the Admin than the old version.  To have all the info in one place was much better for the Admin.  I have to keep 2 browsers up so I can look at the admin functions in one and the reports in another.  Just another extended admin process.

Nancy Murray
Frequent Member - Level 1

Approver details should be under Report Details -> Report Timeline for an unsubmitted report in the new UI.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nancyagfa I found your omission interesting so for fun I thought I would try and recreate what you stated. I went into an unsubmitted report as a Proxy and went to Report Details. From there I selected Report Timeline and on that screen, I could see the user's manager listed. See screenshot. So, did you select Report Timeline and didn't see the user's approver listed?


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Kevin - I can see that now that you have indicated it is under report timeline. Why would they name approval flow report timeline? That is not very intuitive since they used to call it approval flow and that would be more indicative of what it actually was.

Nancy Murray
New Member - Level 3

Please bring back the old UI. Disappointing that there was no option considered to revert back. My expense time went up and even more time invested now trying to search for answers, create new account and comment to hope that my voice is heard.

Very bad move in my opinion and sounds like many others are less than pleased with the new UI. Please do not link me to help topics for the new UI. Not interested. Just want to add my voice to the list of users that want the user friendly user interface back.

New Member - Level 1

Im so glad that there are so many people in here that are bashing the new UI. Luckily I didnt need to deal with it because i reached out to support and used the specific link to the old one. But now Concur took that down so im FORCED to use this garbage? Expense reports were annoying enough. Now you made them 4 times longer. Switch back or re activate

New Member - Level 1

And there would be so many more complaining about it, but concur made it impossible to actually give feedback. We were lucky enough to be FRUSTRATED enough to find even THIS post and register and make a note on it. I bet you had an influx of registered users since October because everyone is trying to find a way to tell you how much it sucks,

Occasional Member - Level 2

This new UI is absolutely terrible. It takes so much longer to complete reports and is much less intuitive.

- I need a way to copy a given expense over a set time frame (say lunch from 12-1 through 12-18)

- The column layout is very clunky. Why isn't "date" the first column?

- When we copied an entry before, the screen would automatically show that newly copied entry so it could be clicked on easily to re-copy if needed. Now the newly copied entry is buried somewhere below and the awkward column layout make it difficult to sort.

I cannot imagine how/who thinks the new UI is even remotely close to an improvement. It literally takes 2 to 3 times longer to complete reports. And from what I am reading, the Concur response has been extremely non-existent. Must be nice to be able to have a junk product and people are forced to use it.

Occasional Member - Level 2

It's absolutely awful. Most of our company users would give anything to go back to the old system. There are so many issues and quirks. I literally spend a quarter of my day helping employees figure out how to submit expense reports. How this is considered an upgrade, is beyond anyone of us in our company.