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Occasional Member - Level 1

Feedback on Next Gen UI

We are receiving a lot of complaints from our users on the new UI interface and how it is taking them much longer to prepare expense reports.


1. Line items no longer show up shaded as to which expenses have been completed vs. not completed so harder to see when preparing reports with 50+ items.

2. When adding attendees to meals it no longer populates with the users name so you have to find them and add manually each time which is very cumbersome. This should be the default. There also appears to be no spot for searching to add in an attendee name, this used to pop up with frequently used attendees and made the process quicker.


I'm sure there will be more but was posting in hopes that these items can be addressed in the new interface and fixed.


New Member - Level 1

Oh yes, the new UI is a complete and utter DISASTER. Obviously zero user testing and indeed little actual thought given to how people use expenses. Straight off I find...

  1. I now have to scroll through a long list of expense items v being able to simply click on a complete list
  2. When I come to add receipts, while the old system allowed multiple items, the new one doesn't ... I have to combine multiple documents into one PDF myself. Great. Thank you for wasting more of my time Concur

How do we switch out of the Godawful UI and back to the old one?

New Member - Level 1

Oh, and now I see that having added all my entries and receipts, you get little thumbnails of them on the summary page, only most as showing broken images and most, when you open the item, shows the correct receipt file name but no image? I wonder if anyone is going to see the actual receipt at the backend?


Just adds to a disaster.