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Facing errors in filing my ER




This is the message I am seeing, need help to get rid of this, as it is not allowing me to submit my report


Super User
Super User

Hi @viqaralvi ,


As indicated in the message, you have either included a cash advance which is not completely used OR marked a transaction on the company billed card as personal. It seems your company expects you to record this amount using the expense type 'cash advance return' and initiate the payment to the company. Once you include the expense type  'cash advance return' the error should go away. Note that you may need to resubmit your claim before the error goes away. 


In case of question about the payment return, its best to ask your internal support team/ Concur administrator.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@viqaralvi I looked at your report to make sure you didn't have a Cash Advance assigned to it, which you don't. So, your company does not allow you to submit company card expenses marked as personal, without having any other out of pocket expenses on the report. Your company is applying offsets, which means if you marked a company card transactions as personal, the company pays itself back by deducting the amount of the company card transaction that is personal from the amount of all your out of pocket expenses. If you don't have any out of pocket expenses, then there isn't any amount to deduct from. You will need to wait until you have some out of pocket business expenses and add them to this report. As long as they equal or are greater than this charge, you will be fine. Until then, your company is preventing this report from being submitted.


You could reach out to your manager and see if there is any allowed work around.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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