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Extract admin users on Concur

Hi Everyone,


From audit point of view for Concur, could you help me extract the list of users with Admin right on the application. Also, if we can extract the activity log of the Admin users for a period.


Thanks in advance!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@chetan_19 hello there. For your first request, you will need to use Cognos reporting to build a report that shows the list of Admin roles you are looking for and the employees those roles are assigned to. There are a few different admin type roles that can be assigned, so what I would suggest is to build your Cognos report with Employee Name and Role. This will show all employees and all of their assigned roles/permissions. Create a filter on the Role data item and have the filter Show Only, then select the admin roles you want to have included in the report from the list of roles you will see. Once you build this, you can save it in your My Folders area in Cognos. From there you can run the report in either Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV or XML format. All of what I just typed will only make sense if you have previously used Cognos reporting. If you haven't, then this won't make much sense. In that case, I would suggest you reach out to other admins at your company to see who has Cognos permissions and previous experience. Once you know Cognos, you can build this report in literally less than two minutes, but without ever having used Cognos, it would be difficult to do since Cognos is not very intuitive. If you aren't sure who at your company has Cognos permission to build reports, go to Permission Administrator, click the Reporting tab, then use the search option to select Role from the dropdown. Click Search. It will bring up all the Cognos roles on the left-hand box. Click a role. The users with this role will appear in the right-hand box. 


For your second request, there is not an extract of that information. All you can do is go to Administration in the upper right-hand corner of Concur. From the Administration options, select Expense. This will take you to the Expense Admin screen. From here select Change Log. From this screen you can choose a date range, a specific Admin (by first or last name) and do a search to see all their Admin activity. You can only view one person at a time and there isn't any option to extract this information. You may have to screenshot the details of each person.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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