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Occasional Member - Level 1

Expenses not showing on browser

Hi my account is not showing my expenses on the browser but it is on the mobile app. I have tried different browsers and it's the same. 


Can you please check my account.



Routine Member - Level 2

Hi @nmacnabb_otl 


How did you upload your expenses to Concur mobile APP? have you did it by Expenseit?


Please go to expense tab in Concur Web and scroll down down, check if at the end you can see the expenses as a pictures.


Hope it helps.

Occasional Member - Level 1

I submitted a report from my PC because Concur does not work on my laptop. This is the problem I’m talking about since the beginning.
I can use Concur on my PC. I cannot use Concur on my laptop. This is the problem.
 the Concur page on my laptop is blank.

I cant provide a screenshot as it is a blank page
The mobile app works fine. Please note I do not use the mobile app, nor can I because I need to access other people’s profiles and I cannot do that on the app.
I need to access Concur on my PC and laptop.
I cannot access on my laptop.
On the laptop, I have a blank page. Do you want a screenshot of a blank page? I do not understand