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Expenses not populating

I used my corporate credit card for a purchase on Friday. It's Tuesday (5 days) and the transaction has not populated in Concur. Can I have some assistance please. I checked with the credit card company and the transaction is showing on their end but it still has not showed up in Concur.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AM you will need to reach out to the person at your company that is your Corporate Card Administrator as there could be a few reasons they are not showing up. Unfortunately, here on the forum, we could only speculate on the reasons, we couldn't actually go in and look at your site. Well, I take that back...I can look at your site to see what the issue might be, but your Corporate Card Admin would still need to be the one to go in and troubleshoot. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Super User
Super User

Dear AM,


I generally would see 95% of transactions within 5 days, however some take longer, eg. Parking, Taxis sometimes have seen up to 30 days...


Please wait another few days OR call your Company Card to see if the transactions is debited to your credit card account. If yes, give an additional 2 days from the day it got charge.


So, if nothing shows after this period, raise a ticket within your Company Card Aministrator. 

It is very very unluckely the problem come from the Concur system as it  would represent to my  statistic experience on the 0.0003% of the cases (1 over 333'333 transactions). 


Let me know

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Super User
Super User

I can vouch for Amex delays as it can take approx 4 days to appear in Concur after posting on the Amex acccount.  If the vender delays in sending the charge, it extends the period that it takes them to send to Concur.  Give it a few days and check your card account to see when the charge posted.

Nancy Murray