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Expenses charged several times due to machine issue during transaction


I was recently in Monterrey (Mexico) and for security reason, in the airport, we need to pre-pay the taxi with a dedicated machine. The machine failed several times with my card, the transaction was not terminated. At the end I had to finalize my transaction with a lady in her office...


However, all the transactions have been charged, then I would like to know how to cancel them.





Community Manager
Community Manager

@ysecretan you will need to work with the credit card issuer to have them reverse the charges. If you see all the incorrect charges in your SAP Concur account, don't do anything with them until the charges have been reversed. Once reversed, you should see them appear in SAP Concur with negative amounts. Add the refunds and the incorrect charges all to the same expense report. They will zero each other out. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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