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ExpenseIt and Expense Assist

These two programs do not play well together, when a person with a corporate liability card has both of these features, they are able to change the Card Transaction into a cash out of pocket transaction and get payment for the item they did not acutally pay for.  We are turning off Expense It as Expense Assist has greater value.  WE are paying for ExpenseIt and are turning it off.    Concur needs to make these two items function together without this issue. 


Any suggestions from anyone?


Kirsten Snater

Super User
Super User

I am sorry to hear you are shutting off ExpeseIt.  I find ExpenseIT to be a great tool for reading receipts and auto-populate key fields on the expense report entry line. It seems you are talking about the mobile app and not necessarily about issues with ExpenseIt.


I suggest you need to reach out to your Concur service rep or open a support case to assist you with the credit card settings and audit rules.  For example,  don't allow users to change the payment type for credit card transactions.  Restrict the use of itineraries without a card transaction, and use audit rules to alert the user to wait for the card transaction to upload to Concur. 


Also, run the monthly duplicate report to identify the users that have submitted the same transaction in Cash and with a credit card.


I hope this helps.


Maria Steen