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Occasional Member - Level 1

Expense sections have disappeared


Logged in to complete my most recent business mileage claim. I have done this for over 2years but I can no longer see an expense section or the section with my vehicle details in. The only sections I can now see are hotel, car hire and travel. has somebody  changed something without my knowledge 

Occasional Member - Level 1

Looks like your employee profile has lost the Expense role. Your employee admin can check your profile and tick the Expense User box.

Regards, Mark


Super User
Super User

John, I have seen Concur menu links get "lost", it is kind of sporadic.  You might try logging out, closing the browser, then logging back in.  We've had this happen with our users.  You might also wait 15 minutes or so before logging back in, as it didn't always clear immediately for us.  I've seen others report this also.


Though it could be as mlansing mentioned, a role/permission that was mistakenly removed from your user account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@John5 your permission has not changed, I just checked. Try what @dlamont suggested. If that doesn't work, then contact a system admin. I'm sending a private message here on the Community with a name. Check the little envelope icon in the upper right corner.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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