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Expense report still in pending external validation

I submitted my expense report which was approved by project manager. But I made delay to submit actual receipts. That’s why expense report was sent back to me with following note –


Please provide original reports (physical copies and printed digital receipts) + coversheet (available as "detailed report" in printing options) to your local Office Manager. Please submit again once this is done.  


I provided all physical copies and submitted the expense report once again. Current status of expense report is “Pending external validation”. From approval flow I came to know this is assigned to my supervisor. But the weird is my supervisor is not able to see the expense report in his queue. He is login into his Concur account using SSO and checking under Approval tab. Is he checking at right place? I think he is do it for the first time. Please advice.


Also he didn't receive any mail. From audit trail of my report I can see the last action is "changing status from Submitted to Pending External Validation". Audit trail is also not showing that any mail reminder was sent to my supervisor for approve. Please help me. I am in a just clueless situation. I have checked with organization finance team, they are not being able to guide properly.