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Expense into Bank Acct

hello all, just trying to clarify if Travel Expense goes into your bank acct that your wages go into, and where to go to check Bank details.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@146mick this depends on how your company is handling reimbursements. Let me ask you, have you submitted an expense report? If were able to submit an expense report and did not enter any banking details into your SAP Concur profile, then the reimbursement should go where your wages go. 


If you log in to SAP Concur, click Profile in the upper right corner then select Profile Settings you will see some options appear on the left side of the screen. Under Expense Settings is where you would see the Banking Information option if your company is using it. If you do not see it, then your company likely is reimbursing into your bank account where your wages are sent. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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