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Expense confirmed, but no deposit received.

I have gotten multiple payments through SAP conquer for mileage reimbursements through my company and have never had this problem. Two of my expense reports say payment confirmed yet I have not received them in my bank account. I contacted the financial department at my company and they said all they have is an email for a SAP conquer help line, which I just sent an email to. What else should I do to assure that so get my payment? I am very concerned.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@kramos182 did you try contacting your bank to see if there was an attempted deposit made?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Routine Member - Level 2

If you aren't the Concur Admin for your company have you asked the Admin to check the batch details for your 2 payments to see if it shows the payments are rejected?  In the past I've had a couple where the employee didn't actually change to a new bank, but the bank they used had been bought out and during the merger the routing number for the bank eventually changed and the old routing number no longer worked.  Our employees had to update their banking information in their Concur profile with the new bank routing # after they got the info on it.   That's just one option to check.  Hope you get it figured out.  Debbie

Debbie Cassell