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Expense automatically marked as "Personal"



I used my company card for a company related expense, however when I look at the report I can see that it's been marked as "Personal Use of Company Card" and it's not possible to uncheck the box.


The expense type is "Currency Advance (Cash Withdrawals)", and I cannot change it as well.


In order to be reimbursed, should I create a manual expense and attach the receipt to it? 


Thanks in advance!


Br, Luiz

Community Manager
Community Manager

@luizmaia well, I have to say...this is a first for me in almost 14 years. I have not come across this issue. The site is set up to automatically mark the expense type as personal, but I'm not sure how they did that. 


My suggestion is to ask your manager if it would be okay to submit an out of pocket expense for the amount and then just submit payment to the card company when you receive the funds. That is the only work around I can think of.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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At a guess it would be that their company policy doesn't allow cash withdrawals on corporate cards and they've somehow configured Concur to enforce this policy by marking them as personal.  If that was the case it would be easier in my opinion to get the card provider to set a $0 limit on cash withdrawals.