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New Member - Level 1

Expense Types Screen Blank in Mobile when Adding Expense

Hello.  I have an issue where 3 of my users are getting blank Expense Type Screens when thet are trying to add expenses in the mobile app.  We have cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as restart the device and nothing seems to help.   Has anyone else seen this or have a fix for it?


Thank you.    


Malcolm Wyllie

IT Support Specialist

New Member - Level 1

I am having same issue and tried same remedies. I have had no success.

Occasional Member - Level 1

I am having the same issues, and can't reach anyone to help with this in concur, very frustrating!!!

Occasional Member - Level 2

I have seen it too with a few of my users. I opened a ticket with support and it's a known issue they are working on, from what I've been told. So far, no updates on the progress.

New Member - Level 1

Having the same issue.