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Expense Reports

A Cardholder has several expense reports created.  Can I as the administrator hide a report (not all of them) so they can not be submitted for approval?  But can be found at a later date.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@CharW this is not possible. The only thing you could do is Proxy in and delete the report, however I do not recommend this. If the report doesn't need to be submitted or used at this time, have the employee delete it and then create a new report at the appropriate time. The only other option is to let the report sit there. It won't really affect anything to have the report created in the system. The only thing that would happen is if the report has corporate card charges on it, the user will get email notifications about unused or unsubmitted card charges. 


I'm curious, why would the user need to find the report at a later date? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager

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