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Expense Report - Sent for Payment Timing

Professional Edition - we are a U.S. based customer and I am looking for the timing, based on when the reports have final approval, and when they are sent for payment.  During implementation - many years ago - we were told, basically, reports with final approval between the hours of 6pm and 7am do not get sent for approval until the next batch.  I want to verify if this is correct?


Also, I know batches technically process every day, so if our final Accounting approvers, approve reports on a weekend it creates batches outside of the typical M-F timeframe, which we do not want as it creates double postings in our accounting software.  Can we have any reports with final approval during the weekend, only create one batch for Monday morning?  This is especially important for month end timing, as we have expense accruals for which we run reports, and when multiple batches post on Monday morning it creates a timing issue with our accruals at month end. 


I guess we have dedicated accountants, working weekends to approve expense reports!