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Expense Report Approved But one charge needs to be allocated

One of my bankers accidentally submitted his expense report to quickly. I tried to ask GSS to recall but naturally they did not respond on time to reject and send it back to him. Now the expense is approved and "processing payment" status. There is one expense payment that needs to be allocated to a different cost center. Who do I need to contact to fix this? Thank you so much. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@chbl if you open the expense report of this person and click Report Details, you should see an Audit Trail option. Open this up and look to see if there is a name associated to the last approval step. If there is, that is the person to contact. They may be able to Recall to Processor. If they have that option, once recalled, the processor then sends it back to the employee. 


However, now that I think about it, Processing Payment means the batch has closed and the report cannot be recalled. I'm double checking on this. If you don't see another response from me, that means it cannot be recalled. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Unfortunately everyone I've spoken with says it can not be recalled either. Do you know who I would have to contact now that payment is already being processed?