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Expense Pay - Monitor Payees

Hi everyone,


My company is getting ready to onboard Concur Expense and am looking for some assistance with the Monitor Payee function that Reimbursement Managers can leverage via Company Admin Tools. 


Because we are looking to import employee banking information for our end-users, we need a way to confirm that the information we upload is correct.  The best way I can find is to pull an Excel export from the Monitor Payee function.  The issue is, I can't pinpoint what information can be exported via this function.  Can someone help me understand what data can be pulled down?


Thanks in advance!

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I have paid a monitor on Amazon and my manager has approved my expenses, in order to process to the reimbursement. (attached)


Thanks a lot in advance,

Best regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@justinvita Do you happen to have any employee bank information imported in yet? If not, maybe test with one employee, then do the Excel export from the Monitor Payees screen. 


I'm only speculating here since I've not pulled an Excel export from the Monitor Payees screen, but usually the system hides most of the employee's bank account number, so you might only be able to verify the last four digits.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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You will only see the last 4 digits of the account but Concur does show which fail so maybe you want to monitor which fail.  We have our employees load that info themselves since they need this and it is not attached to Payroll.